A yard is a great investment. You can completely change the way your home feels and raise your property value by create an outdoor that beckons you to be outside to relax and play. Let us help you reclaim your outdoors space so that you can love & utilize the space you already own.

As a boutique design build firm we pride ourselves on unique and personal yards that fit the person or family.

Paid consultations:


Each job starts with a 1-1.5 hour consultation were we discuss ideas, goals and budget for the project. Many consult result in rough sketches and notes as a reference for a future landscape design or sometimes a consultation is all that is needed for a simple area or a DIY’er looking for guidance.

Landscape Design:

$800-$3500 +/-

All clients interested in building with us or other contractors need a drafted build-able plan. After the initial paid consultation, a design proposal is submitted to the client with estimated for hours needed to complete the design of the space. Depending on the scope of work this could be a simple as a 2-D plan with material & planting quantities or the package could recommend 3D modeling, sections, elevations, color, and custom details etc.

After a design proposal is approved and deposit is delivered, a date will be selected to measure the site to create a base plan.  Large, heavily sloped and complicated properties may require a survey. We can refer you. Most residential designs don’t need this.

Half way through the design process a meeting will be set to review the direction of the concept and to gather client feedback and talk ballpark construction costs. After edits and the concept design is complete a second or third meeting will be schedule to review the final changes and discuss cost.


$$ Varies

After the design is complete, we estimate the job based on the plans specifications. Depending on the job and what it entails we will contract it under our license or partner with another contractor and work side by side with them. The client owns the plans and can go out to bid to whomever they’d like as well.

Jobs and budgets vary greatly, so each job estimate is broken into categories so the client can make decisions based on budget. Sometimes design changes are needed to accommodate budget changes. Minor changes will be made if you build with us, more extensive changes or changes made to build with another contractor will be billed at our hourly rate.