Low-maintenance yard with a fountain

Having a low-maintenance yard doesn’t mean it has to be ugly, and this client knew that. So, for the renovation of their yard, they wanted to keep it simple, easy to take care of, and beautiful.

In the front yard, we put together a flagstone path and added gravel and Mexican beach pebble around it, which would help reduce weeds. We also planted some ligustrums for privacy and Chondropetalum tectorum as an extra touch.

As an additional detail, the client placed an engraved boulder to honor their mother.

For the backyard, we build a brand-new fountain with 3 spills and lights underneath the water streams. The tile was chosen to match the one at the firepit inside the house. We also placed some fountain mats to reduce the noise and the spill.

And, because the client also craved a space where they could relax, we added a deck on the rooftop with a hut tub and some extra Outdeco panels for extra privacy.