The Sarita Landscapes Team

Sara Bendrick


Landscape contractor/designer, TV host, Author & spokesperson for STIHL. C-27 License 100616.

Studied landscape architecture and has been working on design-build construction since 2010. Owns and operates Sarita Landscapes since 2012, specializing in creative and conscious landscape renovations. For part of the year, Sara travels the country doing talks and often hosts landscape renovation shows encouraging people to value their outdoor spaces.

Author of ‘Big Impact Landscapes’ and two-time TedX speaker ‘Landscapes Matter’ and ‘Opportunity Follows Passion’.

Ryan Glidden

Project manager/Designer

After graduating from college with a degree in fine arts, he moved to San Diego to work in the maintenance division for The Brickman Group. There, he moved to do landscape installations and started his first designs.

He has also worked for Green Gardens Landscape & Design, where he designed and installed landscapes in and around the greater San Diego area.

Because of his experience, he has a unique perspective at understanding what works on paper and what works in reality. He’s also passionate about creating unique, functional and beautiful landscapes.

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